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Painting Jessica

This video is first few hours into painting my model Jessica. It was cut short because the camera ran out of memory space during shooting. Also the there is a lot of glare..Next one will be of better quality.

Jessica D, 16"x20" oil on canvas

Jessica D, 16″x20″ oil on canvas

New painting

New piece started when I probably shouldn’t have, since I have several other unfinished pieces hanging around. But who can resist that excitement of beginning a new painting. Few shots from the first sesh.

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Process for this WIP painting.(click on images to enlarge)

I began this painting by laying in few lines to indicate the general placements/composition, using burnt umber oil paint with rather large brush.



I began defining.developing more..



I started getting into forming the face, using more opaque paints of burnt umber and titanium white.



I continued to define the face..




Continued defining the face using smaller brushes now..



Began adding colors while continuing to define the face and adding hair.


To be continued..