Torso Study Progress, Figure Painting – HK Park

HK Park torso studyI got bored and began adding a head onto this torso study. I thought just the torso by itself is kind of boring. Just a lay in start and did not get too far into it but i intend to carry it to a much more finished level. I wish I can say there is some kind of concept involved in this piece but there is none. I began this piece mainly in purpose for studying the torso, then built on from there, making it look like it is being built on a metal armature. I thought it could help showing analysis of the form by showing which direction and angle the metal is coming out of the cut limbs, and further inform the 3 dimensional depth of the form.Not too much going on with the pose but I am thinking of doing this in the future with more  poses with some foreshortenings etc and cut into the figure more to show how metal wires are constructed inside. Furthermore I have decided to do some torso study drawings in different angles in the background, so it looks like a torso is being built from those reference drawings. I am not sure yet which dry media to use for the drawing part, as it would be on top of oil so charcoal may not adhere to it so well. I’ve thought of prismacolor, since it is made of wax, so it would go on top of oil fine, but I am concerned how archival it would be, as I know heat would melt the wax. I know there are oil sticks, so I’ve ordered some online today. But they seem very thick. I am not sure why they come very thick if it is meant to be drawn with. But I can maybe sharpen it if it is not too soft.. I will see how it goes when I receive it.

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